Our most frequent dive destination

While there we like to dive with the Carib Inn, created by Bruce Bowker, the first divemaster on Boniare and a resident since the early 1970s. Unfortunately, Bruce died in 2020 from a fall off the roof of his inn. He will be sorely missed in the diving community.

I have been an underwater photographer since before our first visit. So, I have photographic and vidoegraphic records of the reefs since 1984.

1984 01

The photo above is one of the best photos from that first trip. My techniques have evolved over the years, hopefully progressed.

Now, for a few memories from Bonaire. How about a historical video from 1997. Andy, Linda's dad, learned to scuba dive in his 70s on that trip.

Now, a collection of photos from over the years.

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